Customer Stories
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December 16, 2022

The CarSwitch Story - Alaan saved us over a week’s worth of work every quarter

Read the success story from the CarSwitch's finance team and how they were able to overcome petty cash and reimbursement process by using Alaan an all-in-one spend management platform.

About the Customer

CarSwitch is on a mission to digitize buying and selling of used cars in the region, based on three core principles; great value, trusted quality, and all online. They are trusted by thousands of customers across the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. 

Their Challenge

CarSwitch was looking for an online platform to manage its day-to-day and operations-related expenses. Because they were finding it next to impossible to procure hundreds of cards for staff, the finance team was managing such expenses with petty cash and a cumbersome reimbursement process that became a monotonous task and hampered team productivity. 

Our Solution

With the convenient Alaan app, we automated their expense management, making it easier and faster for the team members to submit, verify, approve and track expenses. Managers could now easily access and review expense reports from almost anywhere.  

The Benefits

By issuing Alaan Visa cards for the teams, CarSwitch eliminated petty cash and cumbersome reimbursements and was able to issue 20+ cards instantly, which could be used anywhere. Today, Alaan cards are used across teams at CarSwitch for software, marketing, and field expenses. Switching to Alaan has saved about one week of work every quarter for finance team, not to mention better visibility and control over business spend.

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