Seamless project spend control for Facility Management Companies

Handle individual project related spend with ease. Assign cards and limits for company related spend, and get rid of all your petty cash and reimbursement woes in a matter of days

Employee Corporate cards to control spend done on behalf of the company

- Empower employees to spend when they need to by issuing unlimited, corporate cards instantly

- Stay up-to date with real-time visibility into every transaction made

-Tag and allocate expenses to specific projects, and approve by matching receipts uploaded directly in-app.

Get rid all your petty cash and reimbursement issues

- With a pre-loaded corporate card to make business expenses, get rid of all your petty cash reimbursement pains.

- In case of non-approved payments, simply reject payment in-app and settle employee dues at the end of the month.

Create tags, budgets, and merchant restrictions for different projects

- Create enforceable spend policies via budgets and spending limits for different programs. Applicable to all card spend, reimbursements and payments

- Restrict cards to specific vendors or websites to ensure compliant purchases

- Customise approval policies to let local department heads and managers approve spending within their own teams and offices

Al Barari Real Estate Group partnered with Alaan to transform the way expenses are handled in their entities
"None of the other players we evaluated provided the amount of flexibility to keep our internal SOPs intact while still still streamlining our expenses - I would truly recommend Alaan to everyone!"
Murtuza Unchwaniwala
Chief Financial Officer, Al Barari Real Estate Group
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Can I use my Alaan card for all online ads and SaaS platforms?
Absolutely! Alaan cards work seamlessly with Meta, Google, Snapchat, Tik Tok and every other possible social media platform - no more running around with your corporate credit cards.
Can I really create individual cards for ALL my employees?
With Alaan, you can create and issue unlimited virtual cards for each and every individual employee. No more passing around one card and worrying about OTPs and receipts.
Is the 2% cashback capped at a limit?
Our cashback is truly unlimited for all foreign exchange spend and is not capped at any amount - there is no catch!
How can I track spend per project?
Alaan provides you with the ability to create tags that can be mapped to a particular project. Make a payment, select your desired tag and you're set. Track this through our advanced analytics screen, and never lose control of your business spend again!

Start simplifying your business spend with Alaan 🚀

Unlimited cards
Up to 2% cashback
No minimum balance